Monday, 31 October 2016

A Halloween Story from Room 9

My Haunted House

One Halloween night I was looking at a haunted house. I was dressed as a devil all by myself. I could see the old stone stairs with moss and old vines. When suddenly I heard a little whisper.
It said “Enter the haunted house…HA HA HA HA HA!’’
I crept up stairs. I felt the shivers on my skin. The awful laugh made me scared. I had to face the fear but I was scared so so so scared.
When I knocked on the door at the top of the stairs an old man said, “Please come in.”
I saw creepy dolls and a big clown that had red eyes that followed you around. But then I saw the old man. He had a baseball bat.
“Arghh!”Then I woke up.
“Pheww!’’ It was just a dream but again I saw the old man.
The old man said ‘’Breakfast is served.”
Then I said “What is it?
“Arghhh!” I said.
The old man said, “Just kidding. Do you want a cup of tea?’’
I said “Yes please!”
And we both laughed.

By Franshey

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